May Cache of the Month Favorite Location outside of Nebraska to Geocache.

This month we changed it up a bit and asked people for thier favorite place to Geocache outside of Nebrkaska. Thank you to everyone that posted. Here are the places and reasons.

#1 - West Virginia: I wide vaiety of D/T's in addition to many highly favorited caches.

#2 - St. Joseph, MO: Great caches, lots of favorite points awarded

#3 - South Dakota: High Terrain/Beautiful Views

#4 - The Falls of the Ohio River in southern Indiana across the river from Louisville KY for over 30 EarthCaches in a fossil mecca.: There are over 30 EarthCaches in the area known as the Falls of the Ohio River. Much of the area is only accessible during certain times of the year when the Falls are exposed and the spill way is closed. It is like navigating the surface of the moon. It is important to enter this area with water, a walking stick, a notebook, food, camera, and a partner. You will get wet up to your knees and have to fjord some challenging waterways. It will involve most of the day covering a lengthy area to hike. You can only do this when the spillway is closed. A SIREN will sound before the gates reopen and there will be a 30 minute window to get out or be caught in the release of a lot of water that is life threatening. There are other caches in this area besides ECs. Most of the EarthCaches have been placed by A.R.F. Not only do you find and claim an EarthCache with high DT you learn an amazing amount of information about fossils. I have found most of these EarthCaches and had the opportunity to meet A.R.F. at the Falls of the Ohio Visitors Center. I would like to know if anyone else from NE has been to this awesome place to geocache. To find out when the Falls will be exposed contact: