April Cache of the Month

This month had three great nominations for favorite high terrain cache in Nebraska. Thank you to everyone that nominated them. Here are the nominates and the reasons they were nominated.

#1 - Haunted Island (GC4KR95): The first time I went for this cache, the CO and PC420IA yelled at me for wanting to do it. They had trouble convincing me it was too dangerous. The deep water and the fast current were more than they were comfortable with. We came back on a different day when things were safer, and it still was too dangerous. The current is always fast... Also, people do good logs on this cache.

#2 - Brooke's Smiling (Again) (GC5892G): This one took the cake for the most difficult to reach traditional we've done in NE, second only to its now deceased sister, Amber's Revenge II. Brooke required TOTTs we don't normally have or use, & even then what we brought was almost insufficient. Amber herself was a beast to remember, nearly taking one of us, we nominate this cache in recognition for its ridiculous terrain & in memory of poor Amber (RIP).

#3 - Hard Water (GC3CJCB): This cache stayed on my radar for almost 2 years waiting for the perfect time to gain access to the cache in the manner best suited to the cache name. I visited the cache on several occasions when the conditions were close but not quite right to gain access and get the smile. After much anticipation, several trips, and alot of patience i finally made the find! While maybe not the hardest T5 at a D1, finding the right conditions was a challenge earning the T5.

And the winner is.........................

Brooke's Smiling (Again) - GC5892G