January Cache of the Month

This month had four great nominations for favorite water cache in Nebraska. Thank you to everyone that nominated them. Here are the nominates and the reasons they were nominated.

#1 - A Love of Tradition (GC29C04): I found it to be a fun walk on water cache. I found it in the dead of winter when the water was frozen thick in most spots, but there was open water near the cache. This meant careful walking. We had no problem getting either of the island caches here.

#2 - Glutton for Punishment/The Other Monster (GC367H2): It was a very tough challenge to get qualified for, and I conquered two fears getting this cache (multiple visits) I have canoed to this cache, and not having a clue how to swim, it really made it stressful! I have also walked on ice to this cache multiple times (always to help friends find it!) I debated on a few other water caches ive been too, for instance the first time my daughter walked ice with me was a ton of fun, and there was an island cache down south of lincoln which has been since archived. But, this one, stands out. I worked really hard to qualify for the challenge, and the experience of retrieving the cache was a ton of fun.

#3 - Koalas Don't Need Towels (Towl Park Lagoon) (GC6VTVB): Great Cache from a great cacher

#4 - Gilligan's Island (GC4X1K9):
-First Nomination: It was a beautiful location full of interesting sights, history lessons & was an EPIC adventure to reach GZ! Our story was included in GPS: First Finds edition

-Second Nomination: I nominate Gilligan's Island (GC4X1K9). The puzzle is setup so as you only need a high school education to solve it. You don't need to be a supper spy or a trivia buff to get the final. The adventure my GeoBodies and I went on to get this one was AWESOME. The story behind our find even made it into the Geocaching GPS: Great Personal Stories of Geocaching Firsts. LA Newell wrote the amazing story. After which, we found another awesome multi on the waters edge. A great water cache that took us on an Awesome caching journey. The Logs we wrote were not have bad either.

And the winner is.........................

Koalas Dont Need Towels Towl Park Lagoon - GC6VTVB