Wherigo Information

Wherigo's can be fun to play and fun to build and publish. It can be hard to know where to start. This page is create to help you get started making your first Wherigo Cartridge.


Wherigo Help

There are a few different builders for Wherigo but my preferred builder is Urwigo. It can be downloaded from Urwigo's website.

There is a good YouTube video that gives you a startup tutorial on how to build a Wherigo cartridge. The video is located here on YouTube.

I wanted to give people sample of a Wherigo, so you can download my Urwigo file for A is For by clicking the icon below.

Before you start a Wherigo cartridge it's a good idea to have plan for how you want the cartridge to work. We talked about a flow chart being a good way to help you with the plan. There are many different things you can incorporate into a cartridge. Anything you can dream up, you can do with a Wherigo cartridge.
  • Timers can be added for how long a cartridge can be played or when it can start
  • Items can be picked up that you have to carry with you, or maybe you just read and then it's gone.
  • Zones can be created to bring users to specific spots.
  • When a user enters a zone you can ask them a question or give them a task.
  • You can use If/Else statements to give different paths based on user input or choice.

I have created a Facebook Page to help answer any questions quickly. You can find the Facebook Page here.