March Cache of the Month

This month had five great nominations for Most Scenic Cache in Nebraska. Thank you to everyone that nominated them. Here are the nominates and the reasons they were nominated.

#1 - The Knob--Bordeaux Creek WMA (GCWT22): It requires a good hike to a high spot that offers a near panoramic view of western Nebraska.

#2 - Monument Pathways (GC3CC6): Great view of Scottsbluff National Monument

#3 - Mission Possible - The Smith Falls Adventure (GC1V2PX): Smith Falls and the whole Niobrara river valley are great scenic areas.

#4 - Not Your Baby's Crib (GC36T80): The view is so awesome that I have visited this spot many times. I even take GeoFriends and my Muggle wife, Tammy, to this cache to see the view. The spot overlooks the Niobrara River. Man... What a view. This one I am happy to nominate.

#5 - History During Art Class (GC77E3): This one not only gives you a history lesson, but has you visiting an old burial ground and traveling a wild trail between bluffs, among rocks, through valleys to a beautiful hidden viewpoint of Chimney Rock. The cache contained colored pencils and a sketchbook for you to draw what you see.

And the winner is.........................

The Knob--Bordeaux Creek WMA - GCWT22