February Cache of the Month

This month had four great nominations for favorite light post cover cache. Thank you to everyone that nominated them. Here are the nominates and the reasons they were nominated.

#1 - Pointe me to the LPC (GC3D3PA): This cache required the solving of 2 large online jigsaw puzzles of 2 different stereograms. Felt very triumphant signing that one!

#2 - A-Maze-ing 1 (GC6W8AV): The container is the first of its kind, in a series that's fun and entertaining, and somewhat complex. It leaves you anticipating another cache in the series, wondering what design it will take.

#3 - Omaha's Easiest Multi! (GC4PDC4): I had not seen one like this one. It was nice and easy. Multi Caches usually take up more territory for one smiley. Doing this cache pleased me. Just look at all the Favorite points on the cache. :)

#4 - Don't forget your quarter 2 (GC6J466): It got the bomb squad called on it! LOL!

And the winner is.........................

A-Maze-ing 1 - GC6W8AV